Bespoke platform

Making banking accessible & cost effective for business clients

ARIE Finance’s bespoke platform has been developed as an operating system, which is upgradable, allows users to add new widgets and to subscribe to new services offered with our ecosystem of partners using the ARIE Finance marketplace. It is resizable and customizable without any coding requirements, but just by using our powerful graphic tools.

Design your own

ARIE Finance’s customer dashboard is modular, scalable, and can be fully customized directly by the clients using powerful drag and drop user-friendly tools.

Manage quickly

More simply than another digital bank, our core platform is a full management system. ARIE Finance’s customer dashboard is the point of entry to a new area of easy and powerful daily financial management. Our platform is so versatile that our clients can manage in the same place a wide range of services: bank accounts, cash-flows, payments and also investments.

Dashboard to manage daily customer expérience
Dashboard to manage daily customer expérience

A modular and innovative architecture

From the deepest micro services to the macro of ARIE Finance’s ecosystem, innovation is at the root of our platform’s DNA.

Our team has designed the platform in a way that everything is sized to be limitless and universal, all micro services can be scaled, changed and connected. Our IT design is blockchain and AI ready.

ARIE Finance’s platform also has four level of APIs and this make us unique and disruptive. Every single cell within any component in our core system can be grown, scaled, and adapted.

Digital ecosystem and app-store

Value-Added Digital Bank

ARIE Finance’s platform will offer a unique point of entry to an unlimited scope of services via its built-in app-store. We have integrated some of the most cutting-edge FinTechs on one platform so that customers can build their own bespoke banking experience.


Digital Eco-system

Designed from scratch, our platform allows for limitless scalability and universal plug&play interfaces. All micro services are scalable, switchable and connected.

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